About Us

TIM Global, the newest entrant into the OOH advertising space, hails from a formidable heritage of market leadership. As a subsidiary of Times OOH, part of the Times of India Group and India’s leading OOH media company, we draw from over 180 years of market dominance in the Indian and global media space.

Established in 2005, Times OOH has emerged as the undisputed leader in the Indian outdoor Advertising industry. It’s success stems from the ability to provide a national network of comprehensive and customised OOH solutions to advertisers, giving them the flexibility to target mass as well as niche segments.

Times OOH has brought to life OOH advertising’s inherent benefits of freshness, freedom and scale through innovative display and engagement options and then gone a step further by offering flexibility and pin-pointed targeting solutions with our digital network.

Static Media

The larger than life static displays are unmissable for the arriving and departing passengers at the airport. Located across locations that offer the maximum dwell time, these sites create a high impact on the travellers and also influence their purchase decisions.

Digital Media

The digital screen network at the airport is an efficient tool in capturing the attention of the passengers on the move. The highly integrated digital network offers the perfect opportunity to showcase multiple products and services or narrate the brand story, generating high levels of engagement.

Experiential Media

The combination of premium audience and high dwell time gives the airport a competitive edge over other media sites. It provides the perfect platform to create engagement zones to interact with the passengers and create top-of-the-mind recall for your brand.


Sponsored areas and services at SSRIA provide advertisers a unique opportunity to immerse consumers in a 360 degree brand experience. Located in high dwell time areas, travelers are more inclined to connect with a brand in a deluxe, relaxed ambience. E.g.: Entertainment Zones, Mobile Charging Points, Internet Workstations, Aerobridges, and so on.